Exploration and Development

Oroplata will have one of the largest land positions in the Southwest U.S. over a Lithium rich basin.


A proposed budget of US$2,895,000 for a 2018 Phase One exploration program is shown in the following table. Any subsequent work would be contingent upon favorable results from the program and would fall under a separate future budget.

Office and Exploration Expenditures, 2018

  • General and Administrative 600,000
  • Staking, Surveying and Land Admin 720,000
  • Drilling and Mobilization 800,000
  • Assaying and Shipping 50,000
  • Geologic Team & Field Personnel 250,000
  • Vehicles, Travel & Field Supplies 125,000
  • Contingency 350,000
  • Total Short Program Budget 2,895,000

The work would consist of direct sampling and analysis of Lithium both laterally and vertically across the project area from both volcanic horizons and underground Brines contained within the Playa. Drilling and mobilization represent the largest costs of the program. Every effort would be made to minimize costs and maximize the sampling of brine from either re-entry and perforation of ‘shut-in’ oil wells or testing of current water wells in the project area.

Exploration Time Table

The work for the Phase One exploration program will be designed over the following 4 to 5 months. Surficial sampling will be performed from February to March and Drilling and sampling from April to June. Analytical analysis will follow each program.


  • LithiumOre is the future
  • We intend to become one of the leading LithiumOre Producers in Nevada


  • Secure as many LithiumOre Assets as possible.
  • Expand into multiple Lithium Prime areas in the Western States.
  • Produce and sell our own LithiumOre.
  • Strategic Partnerships with the largest Lithium buyers in the world.